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In opinion piece, Andrea Campbell says “Boston needs to take more decisive measures on COVID-19”

Campbell calls for City to impose vaccine passports, indoor masking, school safety measures to keep Boston safe

BOSTON – In a new Boston Globe op-ed, Councilor and mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell is calling for the City of Boston to implement a proof of vaccination policy for high-risk indoor spaces, restore indoor mask requirements, and do more to ensure the safety of Boston Public Schools students and staff as the citywide infection rate has climbed over 3% increases and Acting Mayor Janey continues to resist calls for these stricter COVID-19 safety measures.

“City leaders need to embrace every effective solution to save lives in a moment of crisis. That means not waiting for infection rates to go up before implementing steps that will slow the spread of the virus and could rapidly increase Boston’s vaccination rate,” said Councilor Campbell. “I’m pushing the city to implement several steps, modeled after best practices from other major American cities, like a vaccine passport program and requiring masks in indoor public places, not to score political points but because these measures will save lives.”

With the first day of school less than one month away, Campbell asserts that Boston can re-open schools safely and keep businesses open if we take these decisive, proactive steps now:

Require proof of vaccination for high-risk indoor spaces like bars, restaurants, gyms, and concert venues — a policy that could be phased in over several weeks, giving people plenty of time to get vaccinated before it would take effect, and would not apply to grocery stores, drug stores, and other places where people buy essential goods

Follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and restore mask requirements for indoor public spaces.

Do more to ensure the safety of Boston Public Schools students and staff by providing basic air quality measures and temperature control in every classroom, adjust the vaccination deadline for teachers who return to classrooms on Sept. 9, not Sept. 20, and continue to provide regular COVID-19 testing of students and staff to ensure BPS catches outbreaks early.

Prioritize additional funding and support for vaccine incentives, education, and outreach to neighborhoods with low vaccination rates like Mattapan and East Boston.

Read Campbell’s op-ed here.

About Andrea Campbell:

Andrea Campbell is running for Mayor to bring Boston together to break cycles of inequity and injustice, and to give every Bostonian a chance to succeed.

As a Boston City Councilor representing District 4, which includes large sections of Dorchester and Mattapan and pieces of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, Campbell has focused on closing generational inequities in our City, whether in a criminal justice system that is unjust, a school system that fails too many students, particularly in communities of color, or one of the worst racial wealth gaps in America.

Campbell served as Deputy Legal Counsel in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, working to create more equitable systems and deliver progressive change to communities across the Commonwealth. In 2015, Campbell defeated a 32-year incumbent to become the first woman and second-ever District 4 City Councilor.

Since then, Campbell has been a leader for equity, justice, and opportunity for all in Boston. As the first Black woman to serve as Boston City Council President, she championed an agenda that put racial equity at the top of Boston’s priority list. For years, she’s led the fight to reform our police and criminal legal systems and pushed our City and school leaders to act urgently to provide a quality public education to every student.

Campbell launched her campaign for mayor on September 24th, 2020 outside her childhood home in Roxbury.

Contact:, 978-505-9799


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