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Campbell Supporters to Acting Mayor Janey: Disavow False Attack Ad Immediately

As Campbell Campaign Picks Up Momentum in the Polls Following Globe Endorsement, Janey Supporters Go Negative in Act of Desperation
BOSTON – At a rally today in Grove Hall, Andrea Campbell supporters rallied around her surging campaign for Mayor and demanded that Acting Mayor Kim Janey disavow a desperate, false attack ad that is airing on Boston radio.

The Janey SuperPAC ad is the first negative ad of the campaign, which is a clear act of desperation given Andrea’s recent growth in the polls and frontrunner status.

“It’s telling that the Acting Mayor is the first and only campaign to go negative with an ad filled with lies,” said Katie Prisco-Buxbaum, Campbell’s campaign manager. “That’s not leadership, it’s a smear tactic and an act of desperation due to her plummeting poll numbers, which is in stark contrast to the incredible surge we are seeing for Andrea in every neighborhood.”

Last week, Andrea received the endorsement of the Boston Globe and has been in a statistical tie for second place in all recent public polls. A Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released this morning showed that Andrea is in a statistical tie for second place, with the second highest favorable ratings and lowest unfavorable ratings of any candidate. Since June’s Globe poll, Andrea has gained seven points, while Acting Mayor Janey has lost two points.

At the rally on Tuesday, endorsers including State Representative Chynah Tyler, former State Representative Marie St. Fleur, and Dorchester faith leader John Matthew Borders IV touted Campbell’s surge in momentum.

“Andrea didn’t step out when it was convenient, she stepped out because she believes in a different vision for Boston. It is time for Boston to move forward with a leader who understands the concerns, the hurts, the successes, and the triumphs of the people of Boston,” said former State Representative Marie St. Fleur.

Former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral, one of Campbell’s earliest endorsers who was the first Black woman elected Sheriff in the Commonwealth of MA, noted that Campbell has consistently run a campaign focused on the issues that matter most to voters, and has been growing support because of it.

“Andrea Campbell challenged the Acting Mayor to take action on Mass & Cass, the mask and vaccine mandate, and the eviction ban. That is leadership,” said Cabral. “This attack ad is the unfortunate opposite of that. Bostonians deserve better and Acting Mayor Janey should disavow it.”

About Andrea Campbell:

Andrea Campbell is running for Mayor to bring Boston together to break cycles of inequity and injustice, and to give every Bostonian a chance to succeed.

As a Boston City Councilor representing District 4, which includes large sections of Dorchester and Mattapan, as well as pieces of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, Campbell has focused on closing generational inequities in our City, whether in a criminal justice system that is unjust, a school system that under-serves communities of color, or one of the worst racial wealth gaps in America.

Campbell served as Deputy Legal Counsel in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, working to create more equitable systems and deliver progressive change to communities across the Commonwealth. In 2015, Campbell defeated a 32-year incumbent to become the first woman and second-ever District 4 City Councilor.

Since then, Campbell has been a leader for equity, justice, and opportunity for all in Boston. As the first Black woman to serve as Boston City Council President, she championed an agenda that put racial equity at the top of Boston’s priority list. For years, she’s led the fight to reform our police and criminal legal systems and pushed our City and school leaders to act urgently to provide a quality public education to every student.

Campbell launched her campaign for mayor on September 24th, 2020 outside her childhood home in Roxbury.




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