Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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New-York – AMHE is calling for the end of violence in HAITI

The Haitian American Medical Association (AMHE) vehemently condemns the increasing number of lives lost over the past few months and stands with the Haitian people in their quest for security and improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the country.

The current situation is affecting different sectors of the population and is depriving the country of already scarce resources essential to its progress and its econom growth and stability.

The recent murder of Dr. Ernest Pady, who has contributed so much as a pediatrician, a teacher, a humanist, and a Haitian citizen, is another indicator of the deteriorating conditions of the country. What happened to our humanity, respect of each other, moral values, and civic responsibilities? When will the leadership stand up to end the rollercoaster of violence, rapes, home invasions, kidnappings and other ills which have now become the norm of living in Haiti, keeping everyone as hostages?

We cannot remain silent in front of such degradation of the Haitian society, and we are urging all governmental and non-governmental officials everywhere in Haiti and abroad, to intervene and put forward an urgent plan to restore peace, safety, and democracy to the country.
AMHE is calling for the end of the current situation and the protection of the Haitian people. Now is the time to promote a new social contract with better schools for our youth, new and sound economic reforms, social justice and equity, and better health care programs.
We sympathize with all the families and colleagues who have been victims of violence, be it gang, domestic or otherwise!

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