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Mayor Robert Sullivan hires Yulanda R. Kiner as Brockton’s first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Manager

BROCKTON – January 27, 2022- By Daveson Perez, Public Relations Associate, Office of Mayor Robert F. Sullivan, City of Brockton.
Mayor Robert Sullivan today announces he has hired Yulanda R. Kiner as the first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Manager for the City of Brockton. Ms. Kiner began her role on Monday, January 24th, and is working out of the Mayor’s Office.

Under the Diversity and Inclusion Manager role Ms. Kiner will review workplace policies and procedures, execute trainings and events, etc., to advance the Mayor’s vision of a fair, equitable, professional, and inclusive Brockton.

“The search for the City’s first Diversity & Inclusion Manager was an endeavor we did not take lightly, which is evident by the amount of dedication and time that it took to fill the role,” said Mayor Robert Sullivan. Today, I am extremely proud to say that we have made a fitting beneficial, and exceptional selection in hiring Ms.Yulanda Kiner.”

Mayor Sullivan added, “The importance of equity and fairness in city government is crucial. As the Mayor of Brockton, it is my goal for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, to believe and feel that working for the City of Champions is an honor and privilege based upon honor, respect, and courtesy to all.”

“I am humbled by the opportunity to work on behalf of this very cultural and diverse community,” said Diversity & Inclusion Manager Yulanda Kiner. “It is my mission to ensure that diversity and inclusivity become intertwined with the fabric of working for the City.”

A native of Northwest Indiana, Kiner comes to the Mayor’s Office following a 2-year stint at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, where she served as Assistant Director of Diversity/Americans with Disability Act(ADA) Compliance (May 2019) and later transitioned to the role of Interim Director of the department (October 2019). While at MDPH, Kiner implemented successful diversity and Affirmative Action plans, served as the sexual harassment and civil rights officer, ADA compliance officer, co-chaired Veterans Resource Network and Diversity Council, and was a member of the Cross-Departmental Racial Equity team.

In 2018, Kiner worked for the MBTA as a Civil Rights Investigator in the Office of Diversity and Civil Rights (2018-2019. She performed investigations of civil rights complaints, trained 10,000 MBTA/MassDOT employees on Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policies, among other responsibilities.

Kiner was the part-time Associate Attorney at the Law Office of Douglas Martin, PC (2013-2018) after working as a certified 3:03 student Attorney at South Coastal Counties Legal Services, INC. in Fall River, MA (2012) and as a law clerk at John Amabile & Burke, PC in Boston MA (2012).

While attending law school, she began a legal internship at the Law Offices of Nicholas Barret & Associates in East Providence, RI (2011-2012).

Before her career in law, Kiner spent over 20 years in healthcare, serving as a radiology manager in the public and private sectors.

Kiner received a Bachelor of Science in Business & Healthcare Management from Fisher College (2008). Kiner holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Massachusetts School of Law (2012), where she currently serves on the Diversity Council. Kiner recently graduated with a Human Services and Leadership Management Certificate from Suffolk University (2021).

Kiner has lived in Massachusetts for over 20 years and is an active member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Over the last six years, she has resided in Hanson, MA, with her two loving daughters.

Contact: Daveson Perez
Public Relations Associate
Office of Mayor Robert F. Sullivan
City of Brockton
Tel: (508) 942-7043


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