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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-7 District) in Randolph for a Community Meeting

TOWN OF RANDOLPH – Massachusetts – PAR YVES CAJUSTE – The event (Coffee with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley), was hosted by Katrina Huff-Larmond, Randolph-Town Councilor (District 3). In her remarks to welcome Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Town Councilor Huff-Larmond set the tone for the meeting by emphasizing the importance of welcoming and support for all community members, including the newcomers in the Haitian community, highlighting the town’s commitment to making everyone feel welcome and supported.

The gathering was attended by a the town officials, including Town Manager Brian Howard, who expressed gratitude for Congresswoman Pressley’s ongoing efforts on behalf of Randolph. Howard praised the congresswoman for her dedication to addressing critical issues, such as veterans’ concerns and infrastructure development, and thanked her staff for their dedication and support.

Throughout the meeting, various community leaders shared their appreciation for Congresswoman Pressley’s advocacy and accomplishments. Pressley’s influence on Randolph was evident, whether it was in securing funding for critical projects such as the town’s water treatment plant or advocating for initiatives to improve affordable housing and education.

As Congresswoman Pressley took the stage, she reflected on her journey representing the Massachusetts 7th District in Washington DC and reaffirmed her commitment to serving the community. She acknowledged the challenges during her time in office, including navigating government shutdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic, but emphasized the importance of collective action and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

“For community project funding for the entire Massachusetts 7th, I’ve delivered about $36 million. And again, that is a residential project. Everything from investments in green automation at Franklin Cummings Institute, everything from workforce development in Chelsea and La Colaborativa, everything from a million-dollar investment for a substance use disorder program, and a million-dollar investment at Bunker Hill Community College to support tuition-free community college” added Congresswoman Pressley..

Pressley highlighted her work on key committees, such as the financial services committee, where she has advocated for racial equity and economic justice. She shared updates on initiatives like the Baby Bonds legislation, aimed at addressing the racial wealth gap, and her efforts to hold financial institutions accountable for their pledges to advance racial equity.

Throughout her remarks, Pressley underscored the collaborative nature of her work, emphasizing the partnership between federal, state, and municipal entities in effecting meaningful change. She applauded the community’s engagement and reiterated her commitment to amplifying their voices in Washington.

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