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Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center, Inc. to Partner with Town of Randolph

Randolph, MA – Through an initiative by Randolph Town Councilor Ken Clifton, a collaborative meeting was held between Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center, Inc. and Randolph officials including acting town manager Brian Howard and Councilor Clifton.

Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center, Inc. also known as Mattapan Tech empowers people through job training, career building and leadership in the technology field.

“I organized this meeting to discuss collaboration with our community as Mattapan Tech is highly regarded by the Executive Offices of Education for its valuable work providing job training to youth and other eligible workers.  Educational and training opportunities for our residents are important to me and I have been impressed that a great amount of the trainees are residents who traditionally have been marginalized and left out of society,” said Councilor Ken Clifton. “Everyone deserves a chance,” he commented.

To achieve its goal of training 800 individuals a year, Mattapan Tech partners with the Executive Offices of Labor & Workforce Development and Education, the Boston Private Industry Council, CompTIA, Comcast, State Street Foundation, Blue Hills Bank Foundation and Allied Management. Mattapan Tech recently awarded $124,600 in skills capital grant from the Executive Office of Education, Labor & Workforce Development.

Rev. Jacques Dady Jean, founding member of Mattapan Tech thanked Councilor Clifton for his initiative. “We are impressed with the leadership of Randolph and we look forward to working closely with the community with a hope to providing low and no cost short term certificate IT job training opportunities and job placement assistance for its residence,” he said.

Acting Town Manager Brian Howard commended Councilor Clifton for his leadership and said he was looking forward to partnering with Mattapan Tech. “This is an exciting opportunity which would generate great benefits for the residents of Randolph,” he said. “We can include the schools, RICC, library, Randolph Community Partnership and perhaps the private sector to create great synergy,” said Howard.

Also attending the meeting on behalf of Mattapan Tech, were Board member Dr. Patricia Zamor, computer instructor and executive Advisor Wilce  Mascary and Executive Director Karrie Ann Jean.


Rev. Jacques Dady Jean

Chief Program Development Officer

Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center, Inc.


Office: 617-298-0357

Cell: 617 – 952 -9550

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