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Governor Healey Signs Executive Order Establishing Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans’ Services

Order highlights Healey-Driscoll Administration’s dedication to advocating for the rights and well-being of Massachusetts’ veterans and their families

BOSTON – Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Governor Maura Healey, joined by Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll and Secretary Jon Santiago, signed Executive Order #613, creating the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans’ Services to inform the Governor about veterans’ issues in Massachusetts.

The Council will complement the work that Secretary Santiago and the recently elevated Executive Office of Veterans; Services are doing to assess current programs, services, and regulations for veterans and make recommendations to the Governor.

“Today’s announcement signifies a major step in amplifying the voices and influence of Massachusetts’ veterans,” said Governor Healey. “In the few months since we established the Executive Office of Veterans’ Services and appointed Secretary Santiago, we’ve made important progress to improve the state’s support for and engagement with veterans and their families. This Council represents another step forward in our mission to prioritize the diverse experiences of our service members and will play a crucial role in our efforts to elevate veterans’ services statewide.”

“Our Administration remains committed to honoring the veterans of our Commonwealth by providing them with the respect, service, and benefits they have rightfully earned,” said Lt. Governor Driscoll. “As the proud daughter of a Navy veteran, this Executive Order has deep personal meaning to me, and I look forward to seeing and supporting the important work that this council will do.”

“The Healey-Driscoll Administration and the Executive Office of Veterans’ Services stand firmly committed to supporting and engaging veterans of all backgrounds and zip codes,” said Veterans Secretary Jon Santiago. “The membership of this esteemed Council will encompass the diverse range of experiences among thousands of service members across our state.”

The Council represents Massachusetts’ diverse veteran community, in terms of geographic region, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, immigration status and economic status. Secretary Santiago will be an ex officio Council member to keep the Executive Office of Veterans’ Services informed. Governor Healey will appoint all Council members, including a Chair and a Chair of the Women’s Advisory Council.

Effective immediately, Executive Order #613 supersedes Executive Order #573, signifying a new chapter of progress and innovation. Upon appointment, each Council member will serve at the Governor’s discretion in an advisory capacity for three years. In addition, the Council will convene at least quarterly and provide a comprehensive written report every two years, summarizing the remarkable initiatives they undertake.

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